The PhD program can be attended in one of the following modalities:

1. Course Regime:

a) During the 1st year of the doctoral program, the course consists of curricular units with mandatory and optional attendance;

b) The creditation of curricular units, is possible, up to the legally established limit, at the request of the candidate at the time of registration, upon evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum vitae;

c) Doctoral students may attend the curricular units within the limit of 6 semesters, after which the enrollment in the doctoral course is canceled;

d) Durante a realização do 2º e 3º anos, aplica-se a estes estudantes o previsto no regime tutorial.

d) During the 2nd and 3rd years, the same rules apply as those provided for the tutorial regime.

2. Tutorial Regime:

Each student will establish from the 1st year, and together with his/her supervisor(s), the plan of activities to be developed, which will appear in the Report to be presented annually (1st and 2nd years), including:

a) Work plan and objectives to be achieved at the end of each academic year, regarding the preparation of the doctoral thesis;

b) Set of activities to be developed within the thematic scope of the thesis such as:

  • participation in laboratory research activities;
  • participation in Journal Club meetings scheduled with the group of doctoral students;
  • organization of conferences, workshops and other scientific events;
  • development and / or participation in research work (oral communications, posters and articles).


The teaching sessions of the compulsory curricular units of the PhD course (1st year) will be held weekly on Fridays and once a month on Saturdays. Exceptionally, sessions may be held on other days of the week. Some of these sessions may be held in English or Spanish.

1st Year Schedule 2020-2021

2nd and 3rd years Schedule 2020-21

During the 1st semester 20-21, and in virtue of COVID-19, classes will be mostly held online.

In the tutorial regime mode, activities are more punctual and their schedule will be established in due time - such as Journal Club sessions and participation in laboratory activities. This situation is extended to all doctoral students during the 2nd and 3rd years.

In special cases, remote class participation can be allowed.


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