Sleep Training Course: Medical and Technical aspects of Sleep Medicine

Descrição do Programa

In several European countries Sleep Medicine is not an independent medical subspecialty and sleep disorders are approached by different specialists, such as Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Dentists, ENT and maxillofacial surgeons, among others. Healthcare professionals working in sleep field, such as physicians, technicians and sleep scientists, have looking for European certification in this area. This certification is possible through ESRS, European Sleep Research Society, by an ESRS Examination for Sleep Experts – Somnologist and Somnologist-Tecnologist, and that occurs since 2012 for physicians and since 2014 for technicians. Until now, 708 European physicians and 191 European technicians obtained this certification. In 2021 Portugal is organizing a Sleep Training Course: Medical and Technical aspects of Sleep Medicine that intends to be an annual Advanced Training Course. This course aims to provide up-to-date theoretical and practical information of sleep medicine and aims to prepare for ESRS Examination for Sleep Experts – Somnologist and Somnologist-Tecnologist. This course counts with national and international experts in this field and counts to receive professionals involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of sleep disorders from any country. This course is endorsed by ESRS, supported by National Sleep Societies (Associação Portuguesa de Cardiopneumologistas, Associação Portuguesa de Cronobiologia e Medicina do Sono, Associação Portuguesa do Sono, Associação Portuguesa de Técnicos de Neurofisiologia e European Sleep Research Society)  and Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Due COVID-19 pandemia in 2021 this course will be in B-learning format, with on-line theorical sessions delivered by national and international sleep experts, discussion webinars and small groups face-to-face practical sessions.