Course metodology

For acquisition of knowledges and competencies in sleep medicine this course includes theoretical and practical sessions, according to the audience, and intending to approach real life situations.

Recommended Reading

The ESRS Textbook is the main recommended reading for this course. Additional readings may be provided in advance by speakers. The practical part will be based on the AASM Manual for Scoring of Sleep and Associated Events - Rules, Terminology and Technical Specifications, version 2.6.

Material and Logistic resources

During the course several materials will be delivered such as summaries, review articles, guidelines and practical’s exercises. Practical sessions will occur face-to-face with computers and necessary technology.


For Certificate of Attendance is necessary to be present in 95% of all sessions.

In case of attendance only theorical part will receive a Certification of Sleep Theoretical Competence.

For Certificate of Achievement besides attendance in 95% of all sessions it comprises a final examination regarding theorical and practical components.


The examination will consist of a written test consisting of 100 single-choice questions (one out of five) to be completed on-line. The pass mark is 60%. This exam lasts 120 minutes.
This exam will focus on theoretical topics and practical skills and knowledges (such as sleep staging, event scoring and interpretation of sleep exams).